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Headline regularly contacts media sources to comment on media coverage. Let us know if you come across any media coverage on mental health or suicide that you feel is particularly negative or positive. We may then contact the source involved and add it to our Headline media alerts. While we are concerned mainly with press coverage, television and radio, we would also be interested in hearing from you about other types of media such as advertising, packaging, cinema releases and websites.

When you contact us about a media piece it helps us to do our job more efficiently if you:

  • Include as much information about the piece as possible (i.e. date, publication, journalist, topic).
  • If possible, please send us a copy of the piece.
  • Contact us within 30 days. The sooner we can respond to a piece, the better.
  • Make sure that the coverage was published or broadcast in Ireland.

If you would like to contact us about a media piece, please complete the form. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

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What will we do for you?

  • We will advise you on how to proceed if you want to take the matter further yourself.
  • We will advise you if proceeding is appropriate, and areas in particular that go against guidelines.
  • We will ask you to supply us with copies of any offending articles or merchandise.
  • We will ask you to supply us with the details of your contact with and the publications or companies.
  • We will process your complaint and follow up.
  • We will keep you informed on all updates.
  • We will treat everything you say to us or provide us in confidence and release such information to third parties only with your permission.

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