TV3 Ireland AM "Time to Talk" campaign

October 11, 2013

For World Mental Health Week 2013,  TV3's Ireland AM  rolled out an excellent week-long "Time to Talk" campaign with informative mental health content, practical adivce and interviews with people who had their own experiences of mental

Irish Independent "Mind Yourself" series

October 7, 2013

For World Mental Health Week 2013, the Irish Independent are rolling out the "Mind Yourself" initiative with dedicated content to mental health all week. 
Keep up to date with all articles in the "Mind Yourself" series

TD hits out at removal of medical cards

October 2, 2013

Tom Fleming, the Kerry South Independent TD, said, ‘It is very hard to comprehend how a modern civilised society can look at accounts rather than at individual people. There seems to be no discretion.’ Photograph: Don MacMonagle